Backup and Storage


The answer is "How would you manage if your PC failed?" or "What would be the impact on your business if your server failed and you lost all your files and email?"

Computer Systems are a fundamental part of business and pleasure today. We have become increasingly reliant upon these systems and the data they store. In order to protect your information you need to implement a backup solution.

Home users may simply copy data to a Recordable CD but it is often safer to set up a regular backup to an external hard disk drive. A Remote Backup Service may also be used as files are then held offsite.

However, for businesses a scheduled automated solution is required, depending upon the size of your organisation this can range from using a Removable Disk to a 800GB LTO-4 Tape. A Remote Backup Service allows critical files to be held offsite. Nevis Computers can provide this web service under our own FileSure product.

There are no concrete rules but there are a number of considerations to be made:

  • What should you backup, and how often?
  • When should you run the backups?
  • Who should be responsible?
  • How much media will you require?
  • What software should you use?
  • What hardware solution should you employ?

Whatever your requirements the right solution is essential. Do not compromise to lower costs; at the end of the day the file you don’t backup is the file you will need if things go wrong. As part of our service we will discuss your needs and develop a relevant backup strategy with you.