HP Proliant Tower ServerThere is never a wrong time to consider installing a server into your organisation.

A basic server network provides small and medium-sized businesses capabilities like access to data, printers, e-mail, and applications. It also gives a lot more users access to shared resources, at speeds much faster then when using networked PCs. It's easier to monitor and maintain your network because everything is managed centrally and servers are less susceptible to attack than interconnected PCs.

Consider a Nevis Server network for these incremental benefits relative to a peer-to-peer network:

  • Reduce overhead cost with simple and cost-effective setup and administration
  • Mitigate business risks with superior reliability and improved data protection
  • Accelerate growth with enhanced productivity resulting from efficient and dependable resource access

If you already operate a server network, there are a number of reasons why you may wish to consider refreshing or expanding it with the capabilities of new or additional servers. Nevis Server Solutions can help:

  • Increase performance and availability
  • Migrate from older systems
  • Cope with increased workload

HP Proliant Rack ServerNevis Computers recommend and supply HP servers. Affordable, robust and backed up with an onsite warranty. Nevis Server Solutions are the ideal foundation for any small to medium organisation.