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Today, with the ease of accessing online material and sending files and links via email comes an increased risk of your PC or notebook becoming infected with a virus. Also, As these risks increase, so does the complexity of the viruses that can infect your machine. Some of these risks are used to gather your personal information while some are designed merely to scare you into providing individuals with your credit card details.To help avoid these, Nevis recommend Kaspersky Internet Security, as we have for several years now.Since then we have used it exclusively on all our Business Users PCs and Servers and on all Home User PCs.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 is packed with award winning and unique technology providing unsurpassed protection against cybercriminals and hackers. Kaspersky’s Urgent Detection System ensures real-time malware countermeasures against approximately 17,000 daily threats avoiding constant annoying downloads. URL filtering warns users off suspicious web sites and Safe Run technology allows users to isolate web sites from their PC if required. Kaspersky Security Network is a collaborative early warning system for new malware identification linked into a plethora of pre-emptive technologies such as Kaspersky’s enhanced heuristic (behavioural) analysers for executables and scripts. KIS 2014 is a major enhancement.

Renewal of Kaspersky Internet Security

Whilst your Kaspersky product reminds you that renewal is due it also suggests you buy this renewal online. We do not recommend this.

Nevis suggest you contact us or call in to purchase a renewal code. It will cost you no more and may save you a few pounds. The benefit is that you will have a copy of the latest program and a copy of your activation code. Unfortunately we find that when people renew online their codes are stored in the PC and when it breaks the codes are lost.

For more information on Kaspersky and how this can benefit your home PC’s or notebooks, please contact one of our sales team on 01274 550910.

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