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HP Business Partner – PC & laptop sales

As well as providing our clients with support contracts to maintain their IT infrastructure on a day to day basis, Nevis can also provide cost effective solutions for simply repairing ad hoc PC’s and Laptops, either business based or home based.Nevis have a showroom that is conveniently based in the Cottingley Business Park that is open from 8.30 in the morning through to 5.30 in the afternoon Monday through to Friday. If you suffer from a hardware failure, or if your PC or notebook is simply starting to run slow, you can bring the unit into the showroom where one of our staff will diagnose what the problem may be and book the unit in for one of our Microsoft Engineers to look at.Nevis can even cover removal of viruses and offer advice on anti-virus solutions and best practices to help minimise the chance of getting another virus in the future.Nevis can even offer cost effective repairs on notebooks, sometimes at a fraction of the cost of what the manufacturer would charge. This includes replacing cracked screens.Sometimes it may not be cost effective to repair equipment. It may be that the equipment is very old or the cost of replacement items may outweigh the benefits that repairing the unit. If this is the case, our staff will advise you of this and the reasons why we are advising this. If this is the case, we can always recommend a new unit. If you purchased a new PC or notebook, Nevis can even perform a data transfer to transfer all of your existing data (providing this data is available) across from the old unit to the new unit, allowing you to have a new PC with all of your historic data already installed.

So, if you think we can help improve the performance of your PC or notebook, or if your PC or notebook has simply stopped working, please feel free to visit our showroom where we will be happy to offer free advice on the options we have to improve or repair your unit.

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