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Kaspersky – Anti virus solution

Today, with the complexity of modern day viruses and malware, Nevis recommend Kaspersky Business Space.

Kaspersky Business Space is a leading Anti-Virus product that is ideal to protect your endpoints and servers against the latest viruses, malware and scareware. It is packed with award winning and unique technology providing unsurpassed protection against cybercriminals and hackers. Kaspersky’s Urgent Detection System ensures real-time malware countermeasures against approximately 17,000 daily threats avoiding constant annoying downloads. URL filtering warns users off suspicious web sites and Safe Run technology allows users to isolate web sites from their PC if required. Kaspersky Security Network is a collaborative early warning system for new malware identification linked into a plethora of pre-emptive technologies such as Kaspersky’s enhanced heuristic (behavioural) analysers for executables and scripts. KIS 2014 is a major enhancement.

If this is used along with a hardware firewall and our hosted Anti-Spam product, it provides you with an excellent solution to protect your workforce and your servers and PC’s or notebooks. Using Kaspersky helps in saving you time and additional work or costs in removing viruses or other malware threats over units that don’t use any threat protection or only use free threat protection solutions.

If you would like to discuss the benefits that Kaspersky Business Space can offer your business, please contact one of our sales team on 01274 550910.

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