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Nevis have been providing our clients with relevant advice on servers and implementing server, storage and backup solutions for over a decade. Our team of engineers are all Microsoft Certified to various degrees and Nevis are Microsoft Silver Business Partners and have accreditations as Midmarket Solution Providers, OEM, Hosting and Desktop. Part of this process is proving to Microsoft that we implement and support Microsoft solutions in businesses. This feedback is provided to Microsoft by our clients, ensuring that we do provide businesses with the advice and level of support that they need to allow their IT infrastructure to continue to run smoothly on a daily basis.

We also keep up to date with the latest trends and advice in the marketplace, which puts us in a position to provide pertinent advice on the exact type of solution required by your business, whether this be a virtual solution, a Microsoft Standard Server solution running Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SQL, a Microsoft Essentials Server running alongside Office 365 for a hosted Exchange Solution or even a Microsoft Foundations Server.

We provide advice on a solution that we envisage lasting your business around five years. This builds in scalability allowing your data to grow and continue to be archived with the recommended backup solution. We will even be able to add additional storage into the servers that we recommend if your data should grow outside of the normal.

These are some of the reasons that Nevis grow strong and lasting relationships with our clients.

There is never a wrong time to consider installing a server into your organisation.

A basic server network provides small and medium-sized businesses capabilities like access to data, printers, e-mail and applications. It also gives a lot more users access to shared resources, at speeds much faster than when using networked PCs. It’s easier to monitor and maintain your network because everything is managed centrally and servers are less susceptible to attack than interconnected PCs. A centralised server also allows security to be managed from a single point which can deploy updates (to anti-virus software) rather than the individual endpoints needing to access the internet to run updates individually.

Consider a Nevis Server network for these incremental benefits relative to a peer-to-peer network:

  • Reduce overhead cost with simple and cost-effective setup and administration
  • Mitigate business risks with superior reliability and improved data protection
  • Accelerate growth with enhanced productivity resulting from efficient and dependable resource access

If you already operate a server network, there are a number of reasons why you may wish to consider refreshing or expanding it with the capabilities of new or additional servers. Nevis Server Solutions can help:

  • Increase performance and availability
  • Migrate from older systems
  • Cope with increased workload
  • Ensure your server remains compliant to the latest end user software that is released.

Nevis recommend and supply HP servers. Affordable, robust and backed up with an onsite warranty. Nevis Server Solutions are the ideal foundation for any small to medium organisation. Whatever your interest may be with server solutions, please contact a member of staff who will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice on the solution that we would provide to fit your current (and future) requirements. We will always be happy to talk to you and will be delighted to arrange for a member of staff to visit your business at a time that suits you to see how Nevis can help resolve any issues or answer any queries that you may have.

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