Broadband and fibre

Broadband & fibre

Broadband Services (updated from 4 January 2010)


Nevis Broadband PLUS is our unified Broadband service providing you with the fastest speed available for your line. Whether your exchange provides ADSL2+ or Fibre Broadband, you will be provided with the best speed available at your location.

Metered vs Unlimited

These are both rate adaptive services. This means the speed you achieve will depend on your distance from the exchange. ADSL2+ can achieve download speeds up to 24Mbps. Our metered broadband packages provide a generous monthly usage allowance which is metered between 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday (see below). Any usage outside of these hours is unmetered.

If you are looking for an unrestricted allowance, our unlimited broadband package could be of interest. However, as your business grows, you may need to regrade from your existing package to a package with a larger allowance (ie Network Plus 15 to Network Plus 45). You can do this with the metered packages without affecting your contract term. If you wanted to move from a metered package to an unlimited package, you will need to agree to a new 12 months contract.


These products are defined by ‘bandwidth’ i.e. the amount of data uploaded and downloaded. Network Plus 15 allows 15Gb of monthly bandwidth during the hours of 08:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday. During these hours Business packages will have priority over Home packages. No charge is made for bandwidth usage outside these times, although when necessary throughput may be reduced.

If you exceed your usage limit, your bandwidth will be automatically restricted to 128Kb for the next 1Gb for which you will not be charged. After you use the extra 1Gb your service will be suspended, but you can buy a Top-Up package at any time to boost your usage limit, or wait until your next billing period. Top-up packages are not time limited.

Experience Nevis broadband

Broadband service and support from a single source – with Nevis, IT is working for you. Subscribers to existing broadband services can switch to Nevis Broadband and be safe in the knowledge that all broadband, email, internet and PC problems can be resolved by ourselves.

  • High speed internet access
  • Use the internet and telephone at the same time
  • Includes free e-mail service and web space
  • Ideal for large file transfers, fast downloading and instant e-mails

Support is provided by our own engineers (except for line faults where we need to involve BT). We do not charge for telephone support and calls to us are at standard rates.

Enhanced support

Broadband Enhanced Support offers a 3 hour response time from the initial fault being logged, with 20 clock hours to totally clear the fault. It is supported by an improved Service Level Guarantee. Out of hours engineering visits to site by BT may be used to complete a repair.

Business vs. Network package

Business broadband is provided on a ‘wires only’ basis and we provide a FREE modem. With Network broadband we supply a FREE wired router which is installed and maintained by our own engineers, at no charge. In addition, Network products are pro-actively monitored by our own remote monitoring service allowing us to respond more quickly to any issues.

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