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Nevis Computers offer a complete solution for businesses of any size. We provide servers, PC’s, notebooks, tablets, IT support contracts, software and peripherals; email and web hosting solutions; broadband and support services including N-Defender our Mail Security Solution.

Over the years we have invested in our Internet Services by installing our own email and web servers, providing our growing customer base with a one-stop-shop for IT services. In 2005 we created our own Nevis Broadband service and supported by our own team of engineers. With the ever increasing threat of viruses and spam, we added our N-Defender Mail Security Solution in 2007 to provide our business customers with an effective Anti Spam solution, blocking over 98.5% of all Spam.

Nevis continually train our staff allowing us to offer today’s solutions today. We keep up with changing marketplace allowing us to offer you the peace of mind that your IT really is in safe hands.

Today, with over 15 years experience, Nevis is a one stop shop for all of your IT requirements. Whatever your problem, whether it be with your server, computer, broadband, email, web hosting, web design, anti spam, or just need some paper for a printer, we can help. Our experienced technical support engineers can provide assistance either onsite or remotely. We have invested in a remote product where we can take control of your computer securely to try and solve your problem quickly, without waiting for an engineer to be available to travel to your site.

Our team of sales staff are able to help and advise you, no matter how small or large your needs are.

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