FileSure hosted backup

FileSure Hosted Backup

Worried about losing your photo collection? Secure Online Storage for your memories from as little as 11p per day! Nevis FileSure is a backup solution that provides reliable, secure and scheduled remote backup services for your PC or laptop.If you want confidence that your digital photos and music collection is not going to be lost, or that your email and documents are safe — Nevis’ FileSure backup service provides peace of mind for you, protecting the files you’d be lost without, and prices start from as little as 11p per day.

Peace of Mind

In addition to the email and documents on your computer, many people now use a digital camera to take photographs of their family and friends and store these memories on their computer. For others their computer is the only place where all their music is saved. MP3 files have replaced CD’s and songs are downloaded in digital form rather than physically bought.

Whatever your situation, these vital files are stored on your computer’s hard disk drive. If your hard drive should fail all your photographs or files could be lost forever.

It is good practice to back up your files, but often people forget to do this. Nevis FileSure remembers to backup for you – so you don’t have to.

You set your own backup schedule and frequency. These can be daily or even hourly. Nevis FileSure online backup solution for PCs is so easy that, once installed it secures your data silently and automatically without any intervention from you.

Whatever your needs, Nevis FileSure is a secure, reliable, offsite, internet backup solution for you and your data.

Completely Secure

All computer data is encrypted before it even leaves your computer. It is stored in an encrypted form, and only you hold the electronic ‘keys’ to unlock it.

Nevis FileSure acts as a completely secure safe-deposit box for your critical files.

Extremely fast

Backups are fast, even if your connectivity is not. When you change a file, rather than re-sending the entire file, Nevis FileSure has a different approach. Only the changes to that file are sent reducing the amount of data that is sent over the internet. If you would like to know more about Nevis FileSure or are ready to use our online backup service, call 01274 550910 today.

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