Nevis' hosted backup solution

FileSure hosted backup

Encrypted and Secure Online Storage for your Business Data from as little as 30p per day!

Nevis FileSure is a business backup solution that provides reliable, secure and scheduled remote backup services for your server and/or business PCs

Whether you’re a network administrator looking for a remote backup solution for your network and mobile users, or a small business wanting to protect valuable files and information, FileSure is a secure, reliable, offsite, internet backup solution.

Nevis’ FileSure backup service provides greater peace of mind to business managers and owners with prices starting from as little as 30p per day.

Business continuity

Many professional bodies and trade organisations require that their members comply with data regulations to meet membership standards. Whether you’re a healthcare, legal or financial professional seeking compliance or want remote backup as part of a business continuity or disaster recovery plan, Nevis FileSure has you covered.

Nevis FileSure acts as a secure safe-deposit box for your critical business files.

Simple yet completely secure

You set your own backup schedules and frequencies for your business PC’s. Backups can be set to run daily or even hourly. Nevis FileSure online backup solution for Servers and PCs is so easy that, once installed, it secures your data silently and automatically without any intervention from you.

Backup your Server based emails with Nevis FileSure and unlike other backup systems, each individual email is saved and can be restored.

As an addition to tape backup Nevis FileSure ensures that you always have a copy of your essential data off-site. Good practice states you should keep your backups in a different location to your data, but sometimes people forget to do this. An automatic backup makes sure this happens without fail.

All computer data is encrypted and compressed before it even leaves your network. Nevis believes this is the best way to guarantee the privacy and security of your business data while minimising the impact on your internet bandwidth.

Extremely fast

Backups are fast, even if your connectivity is not. When you change a file, rather than re-sending the entire file, Nevis FileSure has a different approach. Only the changes to that file are sent reducing the amount of data that is sent over the internet.

For larger amounts of offsite data, you may want to consider a fibre based broadband connection; not only does this provide an increased download speed, but also offers a significantly increased upload speed. This can help when uploading (or of course downloading) larger amounts of data across the internet.

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