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Spam emails can cost your company a fortune in wasted time in addition to the distress that can be caused to staff by their content. Many software solutions are less than effective and require support by your IT team to maintain them, incurring additional costs.

  • N-Defender is an external, managed anti-virus and anti-spam solution for your mail server, providing businesses with leading email security and effective Anti-Spam at a competitive price.
  • N-Defender Mail Security protects businesses from both targeted and non-targeted email-related threats.
  • N-Defender Mail Security provides a buffer between the internet and the organisation’s email systems.
  • N-Defender Mail Security inspects all email traffic and protects the organisation’s network from known and emerging threats, such as Viruses and new-age Virus outbreaks, Worms and Trojan-horses. This is done by using a five layer Anti-Virus system and an eleven layer multi-technology Anti-Spam / Anti-Phishing system. This system makes sure that over 98% of all Spam and Phishing is blocked, keeping the false positive ratio as low as possible.
  • N-Defender Mail Security has proven technology to fight emerging Image-based Spam and a unique mechanism that detects backscatter (illegal non-delivery messages) and blocks it.

By utilising one of our recommended Firewall Solutions, we can tie your mail security down even further by instructing the firewall to only receive email from our N-Defender Server.

Here is what some of our customers say about the product:

Steve Burke, G R Kilmartin Construction

“At IST (UK) we have been delighted with the N-Defender Mail Security. Not having to wade through countless spam e-mails every morning frees up time and reduces stress, something the more widely known security systems did not seem to be able to achieve. I would recommend this system to anyone wanting to beat the spam menace.”
Chris Schofield, Joint Managing Director, IST (UK) Ltd

“As a company we rely on our e-mail to communicate quickly to our customers and suppliers, we had identified a problem with Spam emails which was blocking up our system and slowing down our output. Following a meeting with Nevis we agreed to purchase their anti-spam solution and this has prevented over 1000 spam messages a day hitting our server. I would not hesitate to recommend this solution to anyone as it is a fantastic weapon against the internet spammers.”
Jamie Illingworth, Managing Director, Illingworth Mcnair

“The solution is very efficient and extremely effective on a day to day basis as we become ever more dependent upon internet communications and as time becomes ever more valuable to the successful day to day running of the business.”
Sarah Kaye, The Underfloor Heating Company

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