Support contracts

Support contracts

Anyone who has experienced difficulties with the after sales service provided with their IT hardware and software will appreciate that this needs effective support throughout their life.

A quality maintenance service and the ability to respond quickly to customer problems really can make a difference… is this focus that makes Nevis unique.

What makes Nevis different to many other IT Support companies is that we complement our reactive helpdesk (that is staffed from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday through to Friday) by our proactive monitoring service. This allows us to monitor key aspects of your network environment such as the firewall, internet connectivity, free hard drive space and even the core operating temperature of your server. Should any of these move outside of the parameters we set, our technical team are alerted in four ways; an audible alarm in the technical office sounds, your company will be shown in red on our monitoring screen that is on display throughout the day, a notification bubble is shown on each of their screens plus an email is auto generated and sent to the support inbox. This allows our engineers to deal with or head off problems before they even occur, allowing you to run with minimum unplanned downtime and improving your experience. IT shouldn’t be something that holds your business back, but impacts your business by allowing you to leverage the power of IT systems to move your business forwards.

We are very proud of the support offering that we have developed, and will continue to develop over the coming years. We would be delighted to show you how this works. If this is of interest, please contact a member of our staff on either 01274 550910 or email who will be happy to arrange a suitable time for you to come in to see our support team in situ.

Business support contracts

Because every business is different, Nevis can tailor IT Support Contracts to your exact requirements. We have a variety of support solutions to provide a range of options for you. These options can be built into a Total Support Solution to provide complete cover for all your IT Support issues.

A service level agreement, SLA, is provided with our support contracts providing you peace of mind that your support call will be looked after in a timely manner. Have Nevis as your “IT department” by arranging IT Support on all your Servers, PC’s, Printers and Network Infrastructure.

Ad-hoc support

Our standard support option allows for all our customers to pay for support as you need it. We are only a quick call away from helping you fix your fault, and unlike some other companies we are more than happy to help you over the phone if we can.

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